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Nestled in the hills of Harrison County, Old Capitol Farm is proud to breed and sell quality Alpine Dairy Goats.
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The Howards
Cameron, Molly, Lila and Maggie Howard

Cameron and I grew up together near Louisville, Kentucky.  We married in 2004 and moved to “the country”.  Our farm is nestled on about twenty acres along Big Indiana Creek in historic Corydon, Indiana- Indiana's first state capital.   We started slowly adding animals to our menagerie, getting our feet wet with chickens first.  After chickens came rabbits, goats, sheep, and then little girls.  The little girls have proved to be the most challenging by far, and the most fun. 

The summer of 2005 has become known in our family as "the summer of goats". We had never milked an animal, never tasted unpasteurized milk, never even tasted goat milk. Still, following a calling, Cam erected a barn and fences in preparation for a new addition to our small farm.

We bought our first goat, Heidi, at the Kentucky State Fair.  While not a ribbon-winner, she was healthy and sound.  Since that time, through the purchasing of quality stock and selective breeding, we have greatly improved the quality of our animals. We hope that by the time our daughters, Lila 6 and Maggie 4, are interested in getting involved in the goat show circuit we will have a small herd of very competitive Alpines.

You can read up on what's going on around the farm and with our family on my blog: www.blog.oldcapitolfarm.com
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