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“Some of the Best dogs I have ever had, or have ever seen, came from backyard breedings.”
Bill Tarrant (Professional trainer and author of Multiple books on humane training and former Monthly columnist of Field and Stream)
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We believe in our dogs. We bank on their abilities every day. They retrieve whatever is in season. They protect our home and farm. They eat when we eat, they sleep at our sides. They are the smart, versatile, loyal dogs idealized in countless stories and anecdotes about the noble family dog. Our dogs are working dogs with strong pedigrees from hunting and field trials.

To date, we have not entered our dogs in competitions. Our farm, our young children, and our small business keep us close to home for now. But if you are looking for a healthy lab pup, and believe your lifestyle is compatible with a pup that will be full of energy and enthusiasm,we might have a pup for you. The parents are on site. They are both sound, healthy dogs. They have proven to me they carry the intelligence and drive their lineage suggests. I expect these pups to be outstanding companions, in the field, on the farm and in the home.

We are not a puppy mill. In other words, our breeding is not motivated by making a quick profit. I believe these are good dogs, and I believe the world of dogs will be better with more dogs like these. That is why we chose to breed these animals.

I look forward to placing them in homes where they will be appreciated for who they are. In the right home they will be needed. Their natural skills and enthusiasm will be put to good use. That being said, they are not magical dogs. Any pup requires patience, care, and good humane training for them to achieve their potential. You have likely heard horror stories about the Labrador who ate the house, or labs that are so hyper they are dangerous. In most cases these are Labradors whose unwise owners expect these animals to live in conditions unsuitable for the breed.

I care for my dogs like family. I will do my best to help you decide if I have a pup that’s right for your lifestyle. There are many dog breeds with many various needs. Even within the Labrador breed there are dogs that are more suited for various lifestyles. I expect the pups we have to be high energy. For generations back they have been bred to have the drive and stamina to spend a long day afield.

That is not to say that these dogs are only for the avid hunter. As I write this I have two of these high energy dogs sleeping on the floor next to me. They sleep because they spent the morning playing in the snow with my children. They are happy and content (even the one year old pup). They are content because their natural instincts serve a useful purpose in our home.

In their minds their job all morning was to protect us all while we were outside. As they saw it, the only threat this morning was the deer mouse they found getting into the goat feed in the barn. They took this job seriously, but were satisfied to have chased it out of the barn, and under a stack of pallets. I called them off and they reluctantly abandoned their search. This low risk morning meant they had plenty of time for something else Labradors enjoy immensely; play. My dogs obviously enjoy this interaction as much as the children do. It is easy to see that the dogs feel as much that the children are theirs as the children feel the dogs are theirs. Both take pride in the other.

Later I may decide to take a five mile jog, or squirrel hunt for a couple hours in the woods across the road. Either way, you can bet I will have at least one dog heeling obediently by my side.

Your lifestyle may look a lot different and still work. Basically if you and your pup can figure out a purpose he will regularly serve in your home, and that purpose includes a great deal of activity and praise, one of these pups could be the companion you’ve been looking for.

As a parent I want my children to make good decisions about where they go and what they choose to do in life. Ideally they will live lives of purpose where they know their skills are needed, useful, and appreciated. I wish my pups the same success. If we decide one of my pups is right for you, my commitment to you and your new friend does not end there. Please keep in touch. I would be happy to hear of your successes, and I am glad to offer any advice I may have to help you and your new friend navigate your life together.

link to laney's lineage
Sundown Sole Survivor
Call name: Blue

puppy with pheasant

good dog

children holding squirrels with lab

adorable black labrador pup

black lab corydon
Laney 'Moon Howard
Call name: Laney

yellow lab laying down

young girl hugging dog

young girl riding dog

girl and yellow lab on porch

small child and dog
“These dogs are good retrievers. Our dogs really like to swim in the creek. My dog’s name is BlueBird, but he’s not a real blue bird, bird. He’s a black lab. Laney will have puppies near my birthday. Maggie says that Laney is better, but they are both very good. We will name them but if you want to name them a real name that is fine. It’s really fun having one of these labs, so maybe you will want to have one.”

-Lila Howard (Old Capitol Farms resident four-year-old princess in charge of fashion and décor, and future resident vet)-
four-year-old princess and future resident vet