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All those burning questions you've been dying to ask.

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       Do you sell goat milk and or cheese?

Due to FDA regulations, we are not allowed to sell our goat cheese or milk.  However, it is our opinion that the benefits of these superior products outweigh the risks. Since we've started consuming these products, we've never been healthier.  Here is the FDA's stance on milk safety.  Click here to petition the FDA on this subject.   

When can you start milking the goats?

        Before a goat can begin to produce milk, they must give birth- just like every other mammal, though in heavy         production lines like ours we have experienced "virgin milkers". 

How many goats do you have?

              Our counts vary depending on the time of year.  We usually have between four and six mature does and one or two               bucks. But,during the spring there are little ones about. You can meet all of them on our Ladies and Gents                  page.

How often do you have to milk?

To keep up production rates, goats are milked twice a day, or every twelve hours.

Do you drink the milk?

Of course!  We love our goat milk.  The difference between this and store bought cow's milk is like the difference between homegrown fresh beans and store bought canned.  Once you get used to the fresh, it's hard to go back, but why would you? It's the first thing our girls tried. Coincidentally, Maggie does not digest cow's milk well, so it's handy we happen to have goats! 

What else do you do with it?

Molly regularly makes yogurt, cooks, and bakes with it.  We also occasionally make cheese.  We also make some darn good ice cream!  There are lots of other things you can do with with it, too.  Check out Goats Produce, Too for other great recipes and ideas.  

Do you pasteurize your milk?

We don't pasteurize it.  There are a lot of health benefits of being able to drink clean, raw milk.  Because we are a small dairy operation, we know our animals intimately.  We are also able treat our milk in the cleanest way possible.  However, we would not drink raw milk from a dairy we did not know very well.  

What are the males good for?

Besides the obvious breeding, Wethers (castrated males) make great pack animals, can be trained to pull small carts, and also do well at animals who prefer companionship (i.e. thoroughbred horses are often kept with a goat "buddy").    

How much milk does a goat produce?

It depends on the goat.  Our highest producer is Olga.  According to our records, she has produced 3800 lbs in 300 days.  Alpines in general produce around 2000 lbs of milk per year (200 gallons)

How many babies do goats normally have?

It's more common for goats to "double" or even "triple" (twins or triplets) than it is for them to have just one.  Interestingly, does weigh about as much as a human- 150 pounds or so, and give birth to babies that are about seven pounds or more each.  Can you imagine a pregnant woman giving birth to triplets each weighing seven pounds!?